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A creative child once asked her mother,  "If I wrote a song, would  it ever be recorded?". "Of course, ...someday, I promise",  her mother responded, but didn't give it much thought after that. 


Just two weeks later, that promise was fulfilled .  Ces Indie had recorded her first song , and it would be far from the last.  Since that day thirteen years ago, Ces Music Co. has been on a quest to establish themselves and become a fighting force in an industry dominated by Major Record Labels. The amount of information  to be learned was overwhelming.  A mother and her daughter dived into  uncertainty  while searching for answers. They soon learned that music is a business; a very complicated one!   


Ces and her mother blindly stepped into the music industry with a dream and a buck-literally. What  began as an exciting adventure would soon turn into an endeavor full of technicalities, contracts, and scams. They failed time and time again and spent loads of money. During their experience over the years, they have discovered  so many  talented artists  are in search of guidance and resources.  They decided rather than chasing the dream, they would create their own. Ces Music Co. was founded October of 2009.

It is possible to be an Independent Artist and save money in the process.  The information is  out there and we want you to be able to access it. It is possible to gain full independence in your music career.  We are advocates of #DIY!  We share  tools that will help artists become successful in navigating the music industry.  

On our site you will find current industry news , educational articles; information on performance opportunities, music licensing , marketing,  promotional advice, registering your copyright information, creating an image, and much more.   The beauty in our journey  is the ability to help others pursue their passion; to help someone banish the fear they may have in pursuing a career in music. 



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 All Independent Artists  are Invited to Submit their Music to Us for a Free Featured Artist Promotion .  We will select up to  8 artists to be featured on our website, as well as promoted via social media. Submit your music and you may be the next Artist featured!

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We are PLAYING it forward

Navigating the music industry as a new, independent artist can be daunting  and intimidating.  We know this from first hand experience! Our goal is to provide free  reputable resources and guidance to up and coming independent artists.

Although trial and error is one way to learn the do's and don'ts in the music world, we would rather help others save time, and money by sharing our knowledge.

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